New for 2022: Online Ordering for MSJ cafe

The MSJ Cafe is happy to announce that whilst it will still be offering cash/eftpos facilitius on campus, online ordering is now available from Monday 7 March. Online orders will need to be placed each day before 9:30am. The following attachments outline the benfits of online ordering and instructions on how to sign up.

Caritas Project compassion

It is that time of year, when we dig deep in support of Project Compassion. Spanning across the six weeks of Lent each year, Project Compassion brings thousands of Australian schools, parishes and supporters together to raise funds for people living in some of the most vulnerable communities across the world. In 2022 the theme is ‘For All Future Generations’.

At MSJ our sole fundraising efforts for Term 1 are in support of Project Compassion, led by Caritas Australia. Various activities will be run throughout the remainder of the term, offering students the opportunity to learn more about the vital work of Caritas and the projects their donations contribute towards. The first of these activities is the Pancake Stall on Monday 28 February and Tuesday 1 March. Students are asked to donate pancake mix in support of this stall and bring a small amount of money to school on Monday and Tuesday to buy pancakes. All funds raised through the pancake stall go towards the MSJ donation to Project Compassion.

Visit the Caritas Australia Project Compassion page to learn more about the Caritas projects funded by Project Compassion.

Darcy Robinson - Faith Leader – Social Justice


Year 8 French Students had the opportunity to make crêpes in celebration of La Chandeleur. La Chandeleur was on the 2nd of February this year. The day, La Chandeleur, to the French people is the Catholic Celebration of Candlemas. The French traditions for La Chandeleur, mainly focus around crêpes. To celebrate the day, Year 8 students made crêpes and learnt about La Chandeleur. We did everything from making the batter to flipping. The activity we did helped us learn about French Culture and French people. It helped expand our knowledge about France, which we were doing throughout last year and continuing this year.

Samyukktha Pramodh Kutty Year 8

School Fees

Tuition statements have been emailed over the course of January / February.

As communicated previously, if your account is paid ‘in full’ by 25 February, you shall receive a $200 discount off your account. If you are yet to commence payments, or if you have not yet established a mutually agreeable payment arrangement, it would be appreciated if you bring your account up-to-date. Families are required to settle fees in accordance with the 2022 fees schedule.

Copies of the 2022 fees schedule and forms can be located on the College website:


$1,225 CSEF reduction for eligible students

Under this State Government initiative, the $225 received directly from the government will be applied to family accounts (to offset the cost of camps and excursions). We anticipate this will occur mid-March 2022. For each student who qualifies for the CSEF (camps, sports and excursions funds), a further reduction of $1,000 will be processed.

Families who hold health care (HCC), pensioner concession (PCC), veterans’ affairs gold card or who are temporary foster parents are encouraged to complete the CSEF form (camps, sports and excursions funds) as it provides a significant reduction in fees and can be found on our website HERE.

Please note: Families who received CSEF in 2021 do not need to complete an application form in 2022. Families commencing in 2022 (or who have an additional daughter commencing in 2022) will need to complete and return a CSEF form on our website HERE.

If any assistance is required in relation to your account, we encourage you to contact Mrs Heather Rinaldi ( as a matter of urgency.

Thank you for your assistance.

Daniel O’Malley - Business Manager


Towards the end of 2021 the newly elected WAAMSS team began the design process for the 2022 year 12 hoodies. This began with asking for motto ideas and sending off the top mottos to the year level to vote. We then opened the front design competition to the cohort, we had some incredible designs and over 30 submitted. The WAAMSS then voted on the top 5 designs and again let the year level vote on their favourite. The hoodie needed to use the school colours and include the motto (There’s not a star in heaven we can’t reach) the rest was up to the designers. The WAAMSS then collaborated for the back of the hoodie. We are so pleased with the outcome and loved seeing everyone wear them on the first Friday of school.

A huge congratulations to everyone who entered the designs were amazing!

Nicole Pena (finalist), Alex Brotto (finalist), Nane Mcintyre (finalist), Zoha Talpur (finalist), Claudia Moloney, Raquel Hasna, Casey Maston, Erin Lucas, Tanvi Nunna, Augustina Baw Baw, Lauren Vander, Lily Szigeti, Jared Balfoort, Tam Maryoe, Alannah Te, Isobelle Owens, Sophia Tripodi and Taleah ButlerThe

And an even bigger congratulations to the winner of the 2022 year 12 hoodie design competition Maya Kamienowski.

Lauren Vander - College Captain