MACSSIS - School Improvement Surveys

In 2023, our school is participating in Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools – School Improvement Surveys (MACSSIS). MACSSIS is an annual process whereby schools listen to the thoughts and feelings students, families and staff have about how their school can improve. These surveys help inform the ongoing improvement of schools across the Archdiocese of Melbourne.

One of the main goals of the family survey is to identify the strengths and areas for improvement in our school. MACSSIS data benefits everyone within our school and provides valuable community insights on areas that each school can focus on. Our school believes it is important to encourage families to have a voice and contribute to shaping the ongoing improvement of the school.

In 2023, students, families and staff are invited to participate in MACSSIS via the secure and purpose-built online platform. The online platform is where our school leaders will access the summary reports that visualise the results of the student, family and staff surveys. The MACSSIS survey platform is operated by an independent supplier, ORIMA Research Pty Ltd. The platform meets with the high security and privacy standards for handling student and school data. Participating schools are in the process of updating their privacy policy to ensure school communities are fully informed and protected.

Students at our school will be provided with supervised sessions, where teachers are on hand to help and answer any questions. Families and staff can complete the survey anytime over the three-week window via an emailed link and password.

The survey is available online, can be accessed from Monday 28 August and needs to be completed by Friday 15 September 2023. Families will be emailed the survey link along with their unique password to complete the survey. If you would like more information, please contact the school.

Parent Student Conferences

Years 7-10 Parent Teacher Student Conferences are occurring on:

  • Wednesday 30 August, 4:00pm - 8:00pm, Face-to-face at the College (Normal student day)

  • Thursday 31 August,12.00pm - 7.00pm, Online via Microsoft Teams (Student Learning from home day)

Bookings will be available via PAM for these interviews. Notification will be sent to families when the bookings are available. Feedback to families about your child’s progress is viewed as an important part of the relationship between the College and families and we encourage all families to attend a session.

Awards Assembly

On 18 July, we gathered as a community to recognise the achievements of the students from across Semester 1. It was a wonderful opportunity to recognise excellence in the College.

The St Ignatius Award is presented to the top students from Years 7-11 and acknowledges academic excellence, perseverance and outstanding commitment to learning.

The St Ignatius Award is awarded to students who:

  • Have excelled in all aspects of academic endeavour

  • Demonstrated consistent effort and contributed to class discussion and activities

  • Displayed excellent organisational skills

  • Worked co-operatively and made positive contributions to classes

The recipients of each year level were:

Year 7

  • Theresa Morton

  • Olivia Claughton

  • Savannah Northeast

  • Maddie Salmon

  • Bonnie Brooks

  • Yutong He

  • Lizzie Innes

  • Shayna Truong

  • Stephanie Smith

  • Alyssa Wilkinson

Year 8

  • Clea Merry

  • Kiana Habner

  • Ruby Morris

  • Christina Oldham

  • Dheera Pahalage

  • Chiara Fortuna

  • Veronica Byrne

  • Cecilia Corluka

  • Keira Broadway

  • Bianca Gekas Novella

Year 9

  • Emilie Blight

  • Anabelle Sofoclis

  • Laticia Northeast

  • Lily Castro

  • Ava Trajcevski

  • Erin Artajos

  • Ava Healy

  • Isabella Armeri

  • Keely Williams

  • Ann Marie Nguyen

Year 10

  • Natalie Postill

  • Millie Scott

  • Ivy Quach

  • Isabella Claire Forrest

  • Ella Tucker

  • Eve Mourad

  • Chloe Vella

  • Mishal Malik

  • Sophia Truong

  • Shannon Williams

Year 11

  • Bridget Corluka

  • Lucy English

  • Jade Longmuir

  • Emilia King

  • Bridget Lloyd

  • Molly McCarthy

  • Ava De Sousa

  • Asha Hall

  • Kayla Britnell

  • Clara Nguyen

Endeavour Awards were also awarded to a student who:

  • demonstrated significant growth in their learning;

  • demonstrated perseverance; and

  • showed a willingness to respond to feedback.

The awards were presented to:

Year 7

  • Kamryn Peet

  • Orlaith Bethell

Year 8

  • Chloe Sutton

Year 9

  • Portia Smith

Year 10

  • Layelle Trad

  • Alyssa Barham

Year 11

  • Jasmine Evgeniadis

  • Sofia Bitaks

  • Malaika Boyall

Year 12

  • Porsha Guerrera

VTAC Application Process

The VTAC application process was presented to Year 12 students earlier this year during Activities Week. Mr McMillan has been working with students since this time to provide individual pathways guidance to students to assist them in the process of their applications to further study.

In addition to working with students, Jay will be providing a VTAC Information webinar for parents and carers on Thursday 24 August. This will be an online meeting and a link will be sent shortly.

We are very aware that this experience can be both exciting and daunting as students begin to consider their pathway beyond life at MSJ. Some students will be very clear about their plans for 2023 and will work towards achieving those goals. Others will still be trying to work out just what it is they would like to pursue.

As educators and parents, it is important we acknowledge there is no normal in this process. Our main aim is to guide and coach students so they can reach their full potential in both an academic and a personal sense.

Unit 3 / 4 Trial Examinations

Unit 3 / 4 Practice Examinations are an integral and compulsory component in student preparation for the VCAA scored examinations. These practice examinations provide students with timed practice in completing examinations in a similar environment to end-of-semester exams and provide a summative indication of the progress made by students in relation to their examination preparation. Staff use these examination results to inform the structuring of their revision program as well as providing further information which assists in finalising derived examination scores for the VCAA.

This year, as publicised, the practice examinations will be scheduled on the Term 3 holidays. The final timetable for these examination allocations will be provided to students later this term when a formal presentation will be provided to students which will include procedures and regulations. External supervisors will administer these examinations. These examinations will mirror the end of year VCAA examinations and, as such, students must adhere to all examinations rules and regulations.

All students will be provided with feedback on each exam and an academic transcript will be sent home to families summarising the outcomes of these examinations. Much importance is placed upon the benefits of these practice examinations and their purpose as part of a whole revision process and, therefore, all practice exams are deemed as compulsory.

MSJ staff will be present at the school during the examination time, with the front office open for external communication purposes. Students are required to wear school uniforms for their scheduled examinations.

The Trial Exam period is Wednesday 20 September – Thursday 28 September.

Students need to arrive 30 minutes prior to the commencement of each examination. All trial examinations will be held in the MacKillop Centre. The timetable has been distributed to students.

Chantelle Gauci - Deputy Principal, Learning & Staff