As we end the year and prepare to celebrate the birth of Christ, let us remember to spend time in prayer and reflect on the importance of faith and God in our lives.

Who would have thought at the beginning of the year when Covid case numbers were zero or very low that we would, once again, be experiencing a year of lockdowns and remote learning. We can let that aspect of the year define our year or we can look to all that has been achieved.

It was so nice to commence in the normal way with our opening assembly where we introduced our 2021 College theme - Embracing the Heart’s Call. This theme challenged us to reflect on who we are called to be and how we can be more like Mary the Mother of Jesus and Mary MacKillop, open our hearts and say yes to God’s call.

This theme called us to say yes and embrace the opportunities that are presented to all of us at MSJ and it challenged us to learn with wonder and curiosity. And learn with wonder and curiosity we did! We explored new ways of learning through our innovative and creative classes, through our retreats, camps, sports and arts programs, and through the many co-curricular activities.

I am so incredibly proud of how resilient the students have been throughout this year. They have responded to all the changes and disappointments of the year with great maturity and understanding.

Out of adversity, we often see great love, creativity and support. This was so evident in 2021. I am incredibly proud and grateful for the way that the students and staff adapted and ensured that there were many rich learning opportunities throughout the year. We all showed great resilience, fortitude and compassion as we worked together to make the most of the year and the challenges that were presented to us.

I witnessed students and staff reach out to each other, encourage each other and ensure that everyone was okay. Even though things looked different in 2021, we as a community managed to celebrate Mary MacKillop’s Feast Day, conduct our annual Winter Sleepout, acknowledge Indigenous Week, compete in virtual sporting events, complete a virtual trip around Italy, participate in MSJ’s Got Talent and so many more wonderful activities.

Our work as a community in standing up for what is right and just is at the heart of us as a Josephite College and, once again, the students and staff have demonstrated this in all the work that they have done to support the social justice initiatives of 2021.

Our Awards night was held on 2 December. It was delightful to be able to acknowledge and recognise the achievements and gifts and talents of so many of our students. Congratulations to all students who were recognised on the night.

It is always sad to farewell our Year 12 students but we do so knowing that they have made a great contribution to the culture here at MSJ and we wish them all the very best as they commence a new and exciting phase of their lives.

I wish you all a joyful and peaceful Christmas.

Kate Dishon - Principal

A Blessing

Whenever we gaze into a crib this Christmas season

May new hope and joy flood our spirit

Whenever we watch babies and young children playing

May a new energy delight our hearts

Whenever we are tantalised by the aroma of a bbq

May we unwind, relax and enjoy time off

Whenever the crush of family and friends overwhelms us

May the hospitality of our hearts expand

Whenever we provide a meal or bed over the holidays

May we experience love and appreciation

Whenever we spy our reflection in the mirror or pool

May we find ourselves to be images of God

Whenever we put our feet up for leisure

May the humble presence of the Incarnate One companion us

Whenever we feel the distance from each other around the world

May the Christ child draw us into unity.