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Enrolment Policy Summary

The College community welcomes enquiries from parent/guardians supportive of the College’s philosophy of education. This philosophy is guided by the College Mission and Vision statements and the following enrolment principles:

1. As a Catholic secondary college, we recognise the uniqueness of each student. The Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart founded the College in 1964 with the aim of educating the whole person. We continue to strive to do this by offering varied educational activities.

2. The first priority of a Catholic College is the provision of a Catholic education for Catholic students whilst striving to be open and welcoming to all - regardless of background or needs. Parent/guardians must have a genuine desire for the College’s religious values, its Catholic ethos, goals, aims and objectives. The College is committed to a vision of parent/guardians as the first educators of their children.

3. Enrolment therefore involves a commitment by parent/guardians to fully support the College’s policies, practices and activities. In accepting an offer of enrolment, parent/guardians agree to enter into a partnership with the college to promote and support their daughter’s education and, in particular, their education in faith.

4. The College endeavours to meet Catholic/non-Catholic ratios established by the Catholic Education Melbourne.

5. In accepting an offer of enrolment, parent/guardians agree to pay all fees and charges by the due date. However, if genuine financial need exists, the College will endeavour to make suitable provisions to ensure no student is excluded on the basis of their family’s financial situation.

6. At all times the Principal may enrol a student where it is in the pastoral interests of the student or the family, regardless of all other factors.

7. The acceptance of an application enrolment form does not guarantee an enrolment interview or an offer of enrolment.

8. Enrolment at the College shall only be offered where the College has age-appropriate accommodation and the requisite resources to respond to any specific needs of the student.

Enrolment Criteria

Where demand for places exceeds the number available, places will be offered according to the following priorities:Catholic girls from Catholic Primary Colleges.

  • Catholic girls from Catholic Primary Colleges
  • Catholic girls from non-Catholic Primary Colleges
  • Girls with older sisters currently attending the College
  • Girls who may not be baptised Catholic and are attending Catholic Primary schools
  • Girls who have had a sister, mother or grandmother attend the College
  • Girls who may not be baptised Catholic and are attending non-Catholic local Primary schools
  • The chronological order of application submission

    The College recognises the special relationship that continues to exist between the Catholic Church and the non-Catholic Eastern Churches, based on a belief in the same sacraments and a close nexus in understanding about theology and sacraments.

    In considering applicants for enrolment, the College reserves the right to determine each case on its merits and to take into consideration special circumstances. The exercise of this discretion lies with the Principal or their delegated representative.

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