The Sports Program at Mount St. Joseph Girls' College aims to foster health and wellbeing and to encourage participation and teamwork.

Students are able to try a wide variety of sports within their classes and through representative sport.

Interschool Representative Sport

Secondary Catholic Schools Association (SCSA) is the association that Mount St. Joseph Girls’ College is affiliated with for our Interschool competitions. Students are invited to attend trials for a variety of different sports and if selected, then go on to represent Mount St. Joseph Girls' College. Most competitions are held during the school day, and the teams will compete for the day. The exception to this is SCSA Swimming, which is an evening event at Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre. SCSA has three divisions of competition to which schools are allocated based on previous performances. All competitions are against other Catholic girls' schools. The following representative sports were offered in 2018:







Australian Rules Football

Indoor Cricket

Table Tennis







Cross Country


School Sports Victoria

School Sports Victoria (SSV) provides opportunities for students to try out for state teams through the SSV program. Mount St. Joseph Girls’ College pays a subscription to SSV to allow families to nominate high performance athletes to apply and try out for selection. There is further information on the sports and application process at the School Sports Victoria website.

House Sporting Carnivals

We have carnival-based House Sport Days for both athletics and swimming and attendance is compulsory for all students. Students are able to sign up for either traditional events or novelty events to gain points for their House as well as themselves individually. There are awards at these events for the number of points accumulated by each House and there is also recognition of the age group champions on the day for those in traditional events. Competing in House Sports provides the avenue to progress to SCSA Athletics and Swimming based on performances at the House competition.

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