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In addition to Classroom Music, Mount St. Joseph Girls’ College offers a comprehensive Instrumental Music Program.

Students have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument and take part in an Instrumental Ensemble.

All members of the music staff are professional musicians and are therefore aware of the demands and expectations required for musical performance. Students are given the opportunity to sit AMEB or ANZCA exams, as well as perform during the year at various school functions and events.

A Music Scholarship is also offered to a student from Year 8–Year 12. Students can audition for this scholarship during Term 4. A music scholarship enables a student to receive their instrumental music tuition free.

Instrumental Lessons

Students receive one lesson per week in their individual or group lesson. Fifteen lessons are provided each semester to students on a fee-paying basis. Each lesson is for 30 minutes and lessons are held during class time. Applications to learn a musical instrument can occur at any time during the year, however, applications are generally received at the beginning of each semester.

Lessons are offered in the following:

  • Guitar: Acoustic, Bass, Classical and Electric
  • Voice: Classical and Popular
  • Woodwind: Flute, Clarinet and Saxophone
  • Percussion: Drums/Drum kit
  • Piano/Keyboard: Classical and Popular
  • String: Violin, Viola and Cello

[Please note: Drums and Piano are available ONLY as INDIVIDUAL lessons]


Students have the option of learning an instrument on either an individual basis or in a group (not available for students learning piano or drums). Lessons are invoiced for the year to allow payments to be made with regular instalments. However, a credit for unused lessons will be processed where notice of withdrawal in writing is received prior to 1 March 2019 for Semester 1 and prior to 14 June 2019 for Semester 2. A written application may be made for a reduction where the withdrawal involves other exceptional circumstances.

Lesson Options

Year 7 (Flute, clarinet, saxophone, drums only)



$31.00 per lesson

$39.00 per lesson


$23.00 per lesson

$29.00 per lesson


As the program is an extra-curricular activity, access is only available to students where annual fees are being settled in accordance with an approved payment plan.

Instrument Hire

Woodwind and string hire is offered free in the first year of tuition. Hire fees are then charged per semester at $230 per annum. As the College has a limited number of instruments, hire is offered on a first-in first-served basis. Students who have been learning for some time are encouraged to purchase their own instrument to give new students the opportunity to hire. Students are responsible for taking care of the school instruments and will be liable for a $250 excess fee if vandalism or serious damage is incurred.


Lessons that take place during class time are scheduled according to a rotating timetable. This ensures that students do not miss the same class on a regular basis. Timetables are displayed on the noticeboard outside the music office. Students must bring their school diary and a notebook to their lessons.

Missed Lessons

It is the student’s responsibility to attend their lessons. Students are required to notify their tutor (in advance) if a lesson will be missed and a make-up lesson can be rescheduled where possible (at no extra charge). If a music tutor is not notified before a lesson is missed, the lesson fee will be charged and parents will be informed via SMS or email. Group lessons cannot be rescheduled as the music tutor is still required to teach that lesson for the group.


Students are expected to participate in at least one ensemble on their instrument. The school has a number of options to choose from - Jazz Band, String Ensemble, MSJ Voices just to name a few. Ensemble tuition is offered at no additional cost.

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