Student Voice & Engagement

In 2021, the College introduced a new working team: Student Voice and Engagement. The Team is led by Ms Georgia Bettiol, Student Engagement Leader. The team is made up of four Student Leaders, Mr Robinson, Ms Bourke, Mr Wright, Ms Dishon and myself. The team meets to discuss student concerns, ideas and leadership. Its purpose is to improve student voice.

In Term 1, we began discussing what we had learnt from our COVID lockdowns in 2020. One area that the students found beneficial last year was the break between Periods 2 and 3. This term, we consulted with staff, and students across Years 7–12 to respond to a suggested proposal. After feedback from students and staff, we would like to trial and evaluate the following bell times.

Trial Changes to Bell Times in Semester 2

Buildings opened8:15am
Period 18.40am - 9.55am
Learning Mentor Time9.55am - 10.10am
Recess10.10am - 10.30am
Period 210.35am - 11.50am
Movement Time11.50am - 11.55am
Period 311.55am - 1.10pm
Lunch1.10pm - 1.50pm
Period 41.55pm - 3.10pm

All students are expected to be in class for the start of Period 1 which commences at 8.40am.

These changes do not affect the start and finish times of the College hours.

These bell time changes have the following implications:

  • The day will commence with Period 1 at 8:40am
  • Learning Mentor Time will commence at 9:55am

At the end of the trial, we will evaluate the change using the following criteria/data:

  1. Student punctuality to school
  2. Lateness that can be contributed to transport concerns – bus, train
  3. Disruption caused by traffic
  4. Community perception of the value of having a break between Periods 2 and 3

The College believes that participation in Learning Mentor Time is important to promote connection, relationships and community. It is an opportunity to gather and pray and to provide a solid base with their peers, Learning Mentor, and Year Level Team Leader or House Leader, which is why it has still been retained in the morning routine.

In preparing our young people for adult life, Year 12 students who have a study period during Period 1 are expected to attend the Learning Mentor Time at 9.55am, ensuring they can connect with their Learning Mentor and/or House Leaders. Year 12 students are welcome to study at the College during their study period. Students in Year 12 who have a study period during Period 4 can leave the College at the end of Period 3, unless they have a scheduled SAC or an official school presentation meeting with their class teacher.

Uniform Expectations

  • The blazer is to be worn to and from the College in Terms 2 and 3
  • Students who have purchased the new uniform can only wear the new jumper. Students cannot mix the old uniform pieces with the new uniform
  • Black socks are to be worn with the trousers
  • Skirt and dress length to the knee
  • Trousers hem to the heel of the shoe

I wish you and your family a restful break.

Steven Mifsud, Deputy Principal Student Wellbeing