The start of 2023 has seen students and staff return to Mount St. Joseph Girls’ College with such energy, passion and excitement to be at MSJ. We are privileged to work with students and families and the partnership between the two is instrumental when looking at school engagement and success.

Welcome to our Year 7 families, new students to the College, and new and returning families to our Mount St. Joseph Girls’ College Community. It has been a busy start to the school year. Our theme this year challenges students to find joy in belonging to the MSJ community. Each new year provides opportunities for students to meet new people and to celebrate, challenge and affirm our differences and diversity.

We need to continue to work with students to develop a growth mindset and be resilient in learning and life. This takes practice and requires perseverance and at times being uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable for a short time may allow students to try alternatives and promote help-seeking behaviours.

Our Wellbeing for Learning Team

In Years 7–9 we have two Year Level Team Leaders, and in the Senior School we have one person responsible for each House. If your child needs additional support in learning, wellbeing and faith, the first port of call is the subject teacher or the Learning Mentor. If you wish to raise the issue further, contact the relevant Year Level Team Leader or House Leader.

Introducing our Team

Year 7 Team Leaders: Lidia Morlin & Brendan Savage

Year 8 Team Leaders: Jane Sammut & Nick Tresize

Year 9 Team Leaders: Bianca Stafrace & Natasha Feore

Providence House Leader: Shane Johnston

McCormack House Leader: Georgia Bettiol

Penola House Leader: Courtney Davies

Kincumber House Leader: Alison Duncan

Solomon House Leader: Clare Kubacki

Cameron House Leader: Mitch Piazza

Director of Student Wellbeing: Kelly Sexton

Another committed group of Learning Mentors will support the students and the Wellbeing Leaders. A gentle reminder that in the Wellness Centre, we continue to have the support of our Student Services Team. The team includes two social workers, Corina Wrampling and Betul Inal, and a counsellor, Nancy Kossis. If you were unable to attend our recent Parent Information Night or Student Led Conferences, l encourage you to contact your child’s Learning Mentor and introduce yourself. Attached to this newsletter is the name of each Learning Mentor and their email address. It is important to utilise their pastoral group teacher or Learning Mentor as the first contact person. Feel free to contact them via email or telephone.


Hobsons Bay Counselling

MSJ have had some students use the counselling service at Hobsons Bay Council and have spoken positively of the experience. They have male and female counsellors offering free and confidential counselling, case management and support for young people aged 12-25 years. A mental health care plan is not required, and best of all, there is currently no wait to access their service. To speak to one of their qualified and experienced staff, call them on 9932 4000 or make a referral online.



Parent Information Modules

On 16 March, the College will again be offering Parent Information Modules. Parents will be able to choose two 40 minute workshops across a variety of topics.


In Terms 1 and 4, the College blazer is optional, however the jumper must not be worn as the outer garment. Students in Year 12 are only permitted to wear the College Year 12 Commemorative Hoodie on Mondays. A reminder that students can now wear their hair out but must have it tied up for practical subjects and when safety is required. All nose rings must be replaced by a plastic filler and only two basic sleepers or studs are allowed in any part of the ear and students will be asked to remove these items. The College socks must be worn with the College dress or skirt.


As Term 1 is often the warmest month and UV rays are strongest, it is expected that all students wear sunscreen from home. Around the College, students are also able to apply additional sunscreen. The likelihood of developing skin cancer is often developed in adolescence. I encourage families to view the skin cancer awareness YouTube video, “Dear 16 Year Old Me”.


Families are to use the Harrington Square Carpark when dropping off and collecting students. Over the past couple of weeks, a few families have been parking on Maidstone Street - please note that this is a No Standing Zone, as it can become very easily congested. Parking inspectors continue to monitor the situation and will issue fines.

Please do not park over driveways or on resident’s nature strips. Late last year, we received phone calls from our neighbours in Civic Parade regarding this. The safest place to collect your daughter at the end of the day is in Harrington Square.

Supervision before School

Gates will be opened at 7.55am:

Students are to remain near the Cafe.

Ground Floor Toilets are open for student access. In wet weather, the PAC will be open for students.

8.15am Yard Duty:

Corridors are opened and students can place materials in lockers and begin organising their day.

Student Safety and Wellbeing - A Child-safe School

At Mount St. Joseph Girls’ College, we hold the care, safety and wellbeing of children and young people as a central and fundamental responsibility of our school. Our commitment is drawn from and inherent in the teaching and mission of Jesus Christ, with love, justice and the sanctity of each human person at the heart of the gospel (CECV Commitment Statement to Child Safety). Celebrating and affirming all young people in the Charism of the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Sacred Heart, we value the dignity and individuality of each person in our community and seek to live in a community guided by justice and fairness for all.

For our students to flourish academically and in all areas of their lives, it is important that they are happy and enjoy being at school. Their safety and physical and mental wellbeing are of paramount importance to us.

Stacey Bourke - Deputy Principal, Student Wellbeing