Champion of Champions

I have been a competitive highland dancer since I was 8 years old. I recently competed in Tasmania for the Champions of Champions championship held every 2 years. I came second overall in the 12-15 age group and won best Australian dancer for that year. I also won the Victorian championship last weekend and am competing in Sydney this weekend.

On the July school holidays, I will be travelling to Regina, Canada to compete in one of the biggest championships outside of Scotland. The competition is held every year in a different location in Canada, this year in Regina. The competition is really big, but in Scotland the biggest competition in the world is held at Cowal every year in August. I danced in Scotland 4 years ago when I was 10 and will be going again this August.

I train 5 days a week in Vermont South and Kensington on Tuesdays. I get up every morning for 5 days a week to do exercises for extra strength. I also have to do a lot of recovery which includes icing, rolling, using cream and even foot stretching. I do a lot of stretching to keep loose and to stay flexible so I have good turn out and good extensions. I also sometimes have ice baths to help my muscles and I have sports massages sometimes so I don't have tight muscles which would cause greater injuries. I love dancing and I am so thankful to how it's gotten me.

By Alice Gill 9D

Charlotte's Achievements

National Lifesaving Championships "The Aussies"

Charlotte Dunn (U13/Year 8) travelled up to Queensland to compete in "The Aussies", where the best in the country come together to compete. The youth section had nearly 1,500 competitors across all surf lifesaving events. She had a very strong competition finishing 4th in the sprints in a photo finish with 3rd. She competed against older competitors in the relay competitions and helped her team come 5th in both beach relay and Cameron. She also made the quarter finals in flags.

Stawell Gift

Over the Easter weekend, Charlotte competed in "Australia's richest footrace". Whilst not old enough to compete in the main race, she competed in the U14, U18 girls and Little Athletics races all over 100m. The U14 was an invitational race based on performances over the season, Charlotte had finished top of the points table and comfortably secured an invite. She had a tough handicap but still finished a strong 4th. U18 girls races were very tough as only the winner of each heat made it through to the final, in arguably her best run of the weekend, she came second in this heat. For the Little Athletics race, Charlotte represented Altona Little Athletics Centre against nearly 90 girls. She was the backmarker for the heat and came through to win but got knocked out in the semi-final. She's now enjoying the off-season before looking to do it all again next season!