Wellbeing Leader Reflections

SCSA Sports Leaders Breakfast

The Senior Well-Being Captains, College Captains and myself were fortunate to attend the SCSA Sports Leaders Breakfast where we heard Nicole Livingstone speak and share her wisdom. Nicole, a 3 time Olympic representative and now the head of the AFLW, explored the importance of building resilience and being adaptable in a world as ever changing as ours. To achieve this, she suggested building up our “personal board”. Essentially this is a group of people who can support you throughout your life. They can be people who give you a hug when you need it, those who give you brutally honest feedback to better yourself, those who can open you up to new opportunities and the people who can help you find new pathways to get to your goal when things don’t work out. She also reminded us that we are responsible for our future. We need to make the most of all opportunities that come our way, be brave and try new things, as we never know what might come out of the experience. Most importantly we must remember that our mindset determines the outcome of most situations. It was an amazing experience and all of those who attended learnt a lot from such an incredible role model.

Swimming Carnival

This year’s swimming carnival was jam-packed with laughter and friendly competition. The students who came and participated showed skill, determination and most importantly, they represented their houses with pride. The houses rewarded for their spirit are as follows:




Some highlights of the day included the teachers versus Year 12's race and Ms Dishon’s graceful fall into the pool. After a long day the results were as follows:

1st McCormack

2nd Providence

3rd Kincumber

4th Cameron

5th Solomon

6th Penola

A massive congratulations to all of McCormack, and especially the McCormack House Leaders for all the work they put in. Additionally, I would like to say thank you to all the teachers who came and helped, and especially Ethan Wright for all his hard work getting the carnival together.

Athletics Carnival

The 2021 annual Athletics Carnival was, as usual, a great success. The participation from all students was outstanding, with so many participants, we struggled to find the time to complete all the events. Despite all Houses best efforts to beat them, once again McCormack took the win. The rest of the Houses came in the following order.

2nd Kincumber

3rd Providence

4th Cameron

5th Solomon

6th Penola

As this is my last Athletics Carnival, it was great to see so much house spirit from all those who came along. The houses that had the most spirit are as follows:




Once again, I must extend an enormous thank you to all the teachers that made such an amazing day possible and especially to Ethan Wright for making a hectic day run so smoothly.

Bianca Mathews - Wellbeing Leader


The Student Leadership Team is holding these panels to gather feedback and ideas from all students at every year level, making sure a range of perspectives are heard. The aim of the meetings is to receive information on how different year levels are responding to school events, as well as information about any minor or major issues that can be addressed.

By encouraging the voice of our Class Captains, we hope to get a candid and honest range of student voice. Overall the panels are run through a multi-step process where the Class Captains are met by SLT leaders and what is discussed is documented. The senior SLT leaders assess the most prevalent ideas and bring them to the attention of the College, and to acknowledge and action the feedback presented.

Elizabeth McIntyre – School Captain


Every year on the 21 March, we celebrate of Harmony Day. This annual event embraces diversity and communities coming together. In commemoration of this and the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence on the 19 March, the Student Leadership Team held a Harmony Day Picnic.

Our Harmony day picnic was full of pride as the students dressed up and shared food that belonged to their culture. The talented Alice Gill performed a highland dance routine in front of the school to celebrate her Scottish heritage. We were also able to share the details for MMADD day with everyone gathered together, celebrating as one community.

As a school we pride ourselves on what makes us unique and embrace each other by coming together as a community.

Mikaela King – Arts Leader