On Tuesday 01 May, students from Years 7-12 participated in CGSAV hockey. The day was filled with a lot of excitement, teamwork and collaboration, from the goalkeepers to the high strikers. The senior team was able to win 2 out of 3 games. This made them eligible to play a nail biting final against Mata Christi College but were not able to secure the win this year, losing 3-2.

For the juniors, teamwork was the main thing that shone through the day! Winning one out of four games, but this did not break our spirits coming 3rd out of 4 teams, we played with smiles even though we lost nothing could stop MSj from winning at the end of the day and with it being 3-0 win!

Overall it was fantastic to see the amount of effect that was put in by each and every student that attended, whether or not they had previously played before.

By Bianca Anderson (Year 11) & Orlaith Bethell (Year 8)


Last Wednesday MSJ competed in a basketball tournament against other schools. The junior B team made it to the semi finals after winning two games, losing one and drawing one. The semi final game was extremely close, especially in the last half but unfortunately they lost by 2 points.

By Chloe Gawith (Year 8)

Outdoor Education and Environmental Studies

The Year 11 Dolphin and Seal excursion was so much fun! We were supposed to go earlier in the year but it was cancelled due to bad northerly winds. Then we finally got our chance to go!

We were so excited as we hopped on the boat, ready for adventure. Although we didn’t see any dolphins, we made the most of our time, especially enjoying the sea net and the thrill of jumping off the boat into the cold water.

Snorkelling around Portsea Pier was a highlight of the day. We were treated to a mesmerising underwater world filled with weedy sea dragons, globe fish crabs and many species of marine life living on the pier pylons.

But it wasn't just fun and games; safety was a top priority. Before diving into each snorkelling spot, we carefully assessed the risks involved, taking into account factors like currents and underwater hazards. Our instructors made sure we knew how to keep ourselves safe, teaching us proper snorkelling techniques and how to recognize potential dangers.

Overall, the excursion was a perfect blend of practical activity, application of course content and safety awareness, leaving us with memories to cherish as a class and a deeper appreciation for the marine environment.

-Written by the VCE OES class

Year 9 Duke of Edinburgh and Outdoor Education Environmental Anglesea Camp Gallery