Japan Seirei Trip 2019

The first part of the Peace Exchange program was traveling in Japan. We visited many incredible sights and participated in activities like going to Disneyland, Shibuya Crossing, Skytree, Cherry Blossoms in Ogawara, Hachimantai to see snow, Karaoke, and a Soba noodle challenge but one of the most special visits was to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial where we got to read and listen to a special guest, Ms.Keiko Ogura, who was a survivor of the Hiroshima bombing in 1945. She taught us the importance of peace around the world today.

The Second part of the Program was a visit to Seirei High School. We spent a week with our host sisters and their families many friendships and many memories were made. We spent 3 days at Seirei High School which was a very memorable and different experience for all of us. It was very interesting to be at a school in a whole new country and see how they learn and what their daily routines are. I was especially shocked that the students have school chores including cleaning the school.

I hope to always keep in touch with Ayama and her family and hope someday I can go visit her again. I would like all MSJ students to join this trip and maybe create a lifelong friendship like I did.


By Eve Moses Year 10


On Thursday May 9, MSJ Voices had the amazing opportunity of performing at the Sacred Music Concert with other school choirs at Caroline Chisholm Catholic College. There were 175 singers on stage from various schools in the region. The schools involved included Marion College Sunshine, Thomas Carr College Tarneit, CRC Caroline Springs, Caroline Chisholm College and ourselves, Mount Saint Joseph Girls College. We were able to work with other students when singing together and learnt different techniques through rehearsals. MSJ Voices gave an amazing performance when singing "O Splendidissima Gemma" and "Joyful Joyful." Congratulations to everyone who took part! It was a great experience for all of us as we met new friends and sang our best whilst still having fun doing what we all love - singing.

By Amber Wilson Year 12

Indigenous For A Day

On Friday 26 April, the Year 7 students were lucky enough to have a family of indigenous Australians from Western Australia; ‘Pancakes’, ‘Big Al’, Leonie and 'Azza' come to our school to talk to us about the Indigenous Australian culture. We did multiple activities on this day, including art, dance and hearing Dreamtime stories.

In art, we got taught some of the symbols and drawings that the Indigenous Australians use. We got to create a story by drawing the symbols. In dance, we were privileged enough to be taught by a very talented dancer who has danced for the Dalai Lama and showed us some of his tribal dances and didgeridoo skills. We did two different dances to represent two different animals- Bunjil the Eagle and Waich the Emu.

For the Dreamtime stories, Big Al started off with information about his culture, and then he went on to tell different stories from his ancestors. At the very end of the day, some of the girls showed off the dances they had learnt, with Azza leading us in his tribe's traditional dress - wearing body paint and a kangaroo skin. Overall, the Year 7 students had an amazing day and we learnt lots of important information about Australia's first people.

By Sasha Godfrey, 7 Cameron

Year 9 Camp Wyuna Experience

From the 1-3 of May, Classes 9B, 9C and 9E went to YMCA Camp Wyuna in Queenscliff. Sarah and I had a once in a lifetime experience. On the first day, we had two activities, followed by dinner and a competitive game of trivia. The camp was filled with a lot of water and dry activities such as pizza making, snorkelling, marine biology discoveries, canoeing, surfing and bike riding.

(Sarah’s experience)

My experience of the camp was a little bit different to everyone else, I actually ended up coming to camp late because of the Japan trip, meaning that I was only able to experience 3 of the activities. Each of those activities was so incredibly fun but my favourite part of the camp was watching the connections made. Students made new friends and strengthened bonds with teachers through a range of “downtime activities”. One of the best “downtime” activities being Gaga ball. For those of you who don’t know what this game is, please search it up, it is one of the best games. We all had a lot of fun watching Mr Trieu and Ms Tagell join in.

(Olivia’s experience)

My overall favourite activity on the camp had to be surfing. At first, I was quite nervous as I have never surfed before, and it was a pretty cold and windy day. After reassurance of the instructors and our group leader, everyone in our group had the chance to experience standing up on the surfboard and catching a wave, including me.

It has been days since the camp and we still cannot stop talking about the activities. We connected with the teachers, had s’mores (a sticky chocolatey marshmellow treat) around a campfire and made some amazing memories with our friends. Thanks, MSJ and Camp YMCA for giving us an amazing experience to interact with everyone outside the classroom and to Ms Commadeur for driving the Japan trip students to camp.

By Olivia Massarany and Sarah Price

It was an action-packed three days with activities such as snorkelling, bike riding, pizza making, surfing, and canoeing. The first day we arrived, we were split into the groups that we would spend most of camp with. After an exciting first day, we sat down with our new activity groups to play some trivia.

After breakfast and the first activity on the second day, the 9 students who went to Japan arrived at camp and joined in the fun. After completing that day’s fun activities, we gathered for a liturgy in the recreation hall. We reflected on our time at camp and how we had challenged ourselves to try new things. It was a very fulfilling experience. Afterwards, we sat around the fire pit to roast marshmallows and talk. Some people played card games inside while others had a quick game of volleyball.

The third day brought a rush to pack up and clean our rooms before heading to breakfast. We had one last activity to complete that morning before the busses arrived to take us home. It was a fun bus ride home filled with chatter about our experiences at camp. We all agreed what a great experience it was.

A special thank you to all the teachers who came along. A big thank you to Camp Wyuna for giving us such an amazing experience that we will never forget.

By Ruby, Tara, and Elizabeth (9B)


Year 12 VCAL Mother's Day Project

The Year 12 VCAL students got creative in the lead up to Mother's Day by planning and producing their very own Mothers Day stall. The students, guided by their literacy and numeracy teachers Ms Jones and Ms Chand, were given a design brief which required them to draft a product, source the materials in consultation with monetary guidelines, and produce a gift that not only met the outcomes of the project, but could be a meaningful gift to their mother figures on Mothers Day. The students did an excellent job and I hope their mums enjoyed their creative presents.

Natasha Feore



From 15 to 25 April, I was a part of Voyage 5 of 2019 from Sydney to Newcastle on board the STS Young Endeavour.

I really enjoyed my time on the young endeavour and regard it as one of the best experiences of my life. We travelled a total of 455 nautical miles along the coast and throughout the Tasman Sea. We spent everyday setting and furling sails and sailing the ship itself, both with and without engines.

I enjoyed the lectures on meteorology and sail theory, and I very much enjoyed the engineering rounds and being part of Blue watch, as well as making unbreakable friendships with those people while on watch, particularly on ‘last dog watch’ from 0800-0000. I loved helping in the galley and spending time talking to people I wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to otherwise. I also really enjoyed a technology free environment and felt I better connected with my surroundings, peers and environment itself.

I loved jumping and swimming off the side of the boat and any visits ashore. I also loved playing deck games and hanging out at midships as well as any kind of climbing, especially to the topgallant yard. My watch in particular loved hanging out in the ‘cafe’, mainly playing cards and eating all of the incredible food.

I found our community day sail with disadvantaged children to be really rewarding and an exciting experience to test all of our newfound knowledge. I undertook this voyage simply because it looked like a fun and challenging adventure and a chance to get to know new people, and it also satisfied my ‘Residential Project’ requirement for my gold Duke of Edinburgh award. I applied online after seeing the ship in port in Williamstown, and would strongly recommend this experience to anyone looking for a residency for their Duke of Ed.


On Wednesday 25th April a past student Vanessa Cruz, returned as guest speaker to present to the current year 12 VCD class in preparation for their Design Industry SAC. Vanessa Cruz graduated from MSJ in 2012 after completing Visual Communication Design and Studio Arts.

Vanessa commenced Bach of Interior Architecture at Swinburne University of Design in 2013, however after 18 months, decided to transfer into the Bach of Industrial Design, a decision she has never regretted .
In completing her Honours year in Industrial Design 2018, Vanessa was awarded, Outstanding Student Achievement Award.

As part of her folio work Vanessa chose a design project for Mainetti Design. The success of this project, saw Vanessa rewarded with two trips to Hong Kong. Her travel coat hanger, based on a shoe tree, was so well received that production of her prototype was sent to manufacture. Vanessa design was also selected for exhibition at the acclaimed BoDW (business of design week) international exhibition. Vanessa currently is employed as an Industrial Designer at PLUS Architecture.

  • Photo of Vanessa, with class teacher Mrs Clare Kubacki and Year 12 VCD students 2019
  • example of Vanessa's work
  • and providing inspiration to our current students

Mrs Clare Kubacki
Senior Wellbeing Leader


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Noel Kennedy

Business Manager