Year 9 Altona amazing race

On Tuesday 2 March, the Year 9 sudents competed in an 'Amazing Race' around Altona. During this excursion we learnt the history of Altona, viewed the beautiful street art in the alleyways and stopped for a quick snack in Pier Street.

Some of the tasks included answering riddles, problem solving and taking photos of our findings. We also interviewed some of the locals about their views on climate change as residents living in a coastal suburb.

Throughout the day we used different skills such as teamwork, courage, resilience and we showed our MSJ spirit by navigating our own way around Altona. Many times during the day we wanted to stop and give up but we kept going and tried twice as hard and because of this we were the winning team!

Chloe Zuvela 9C

School Fees

Thank you to those families who have paid or alternatively have established ongoing payment arrangements.

For those that qualified, the early payment discount ($200), CSEF ($225) and HCC concessions ($1,000) have been applied to your accounts.

Updated tuition statements will be issued and emailed during the last week of Term 1.

For those who have not yet commenced payments in line with the prescribed payment schedule we kindly ask that you contact the College and set in place a mutually agreeable arrangement.

For any queries in relation to fees please contact the College (Tel: 8398 2000 / Email:

$1,225 CSEF reduction for eligible students:

Families who have not previously claimed and hold a health care (HCC), pensioner concession (PCC), veterans affairs card or are temporary foster parents are reminded to complete the CSEF application form as it provides you with a significant reduction in fees.

Copies of fees schedule, CSEF and deduction forms can be located on the College website HERE.

Your continued support is appreciated.

Daniel O’Malley - Business Manager

Valedictory Dinner (Class of 2020)

The College was able to reschedule the Class of 20020 Valedictory Dinner on Thursday 18 March at Sheldon Receptions. A fun night was had by all, with many parents and teachers hitting the dance floor. Not only was it fantastic to see the students again but it was great to catch up with all that they had been doing since they graduated last November.

To the families who are leaving the College after their last child graduated in 2020, it was great to have a chance to formally say goodbye and thank them for many wonderful years of partnership with the College.


The Year 12 Physics and Specialist Maths classes went to Luna Park to examine ‘motion in action’ as part of the Motion Area of Study, We had to take a few measurements and complete a booklet for our school coursework about the rides at the park, as part of our outcome. Many of us had been looking forward to this day since the Year 11 Headstart program.

We started the day off with the Twin Dragons, to experience the conversion between gravitational potential and kinetic energy in a practical context. It was followed by rides that focused on circular motion, both on a horizontal and vertical plane. We really liked seeing the application of what we learnt in class to real life situations. The Dodgem Cars were one of the class favourites, since we all enjoyed momentum and impulse, as well as crashing into each other and students from other schools. The lack of lines made it really easy to enjoy the day and go on as many rides as possible, but we could not make it on the Scenic Railway.

Despite being closed off to the public, the park was jam packed with other Physics students from other Colleges. Luna Park was essential to understanding the theory we have learnt in class.

Written by the Units 3 and 4 Physics Class, 2021

Stem girls

As a work experience option, I choose GoIT Girls, hosted by TATA consultancy agency. As a passionate student in the STEM field, I wanted to explore the pathway into the IT industry and whether or not I would like to peruse a career in it. Over the 4 days of work experience, I got a taste into the work of a person in the IT field, as well as learnt many things such as the different types of technology and the innovation of people in IT. I spoke to many different people from different types of IT groups, from biotechnology to computer coding. They shared their experiences about the advantages of technology and how innovation can be the betterment of our society.

Not only did I learn many things about the IT industry, I also indulged myself into an actual project like people in the IT field. The coordinator of our program gave myself and many other participants a chance to design a productive, covid safe and enjoyable work environment and space, with the use of innovative technology. We had to use this information and implement it into two groups: a small group of 12 people and a large group of 100 people. We were given floor designs and examples of workspaces and technology. Every day for 4 days I would work hard on my designs and project for 2 hours to later present it to the IT representative from Woolworths. As individuals, on the last day we presented our ideas and designs to the Woolworths representative. It was quite interesting, and intimidating but it was quite a joyful experience! After the presentation; the IT representative praised me for my designs, hard work, and speaking skills and hopes I become part of the industry too! She also said that she will take these ideas in mind and might add it to the architecture of their office spaces in the future of Woolworths Group. With all of that; my experience at GoIT Girls was quite a crazy, fun, and busy experience. I learnt so many things; which I could implement into my daily lives and any future workspaces. I recommend any students in the MSJ community to participate in GoIT Girls!

You can view Vedangi's presentation HERE

Vedangi Khanna Year 10