Year 12 Awards

The Year 12 Graduation on 22 October was a celebration of our students' time at Mount St. Joseph Girls’ College. On this evening, the College also recognised outstanding Year 12 students for their contribution and commitment to the College and wider community.

The Awards and the Year 12 recipients include:



The Olympic Change-Maker Award

Gemma Srijan

Layla West

The Australian Defence Force Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Awards

Jacinda Bonanno

The Caltex Award

Gemma Srijan

Sports Awards

Alyssa Janke

Molly Febey-Stevenson

Niya Nettar

Ruby Tennant

Outstanding Sporting Achievement

Gemma Srijan

The Josephite Spirit Award

Lily Riggs

Emily Frydas

Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop Award

Michaela Meilak

The Sacred Heart Award

Emily Thiel


Units 3 & 4

We wish all Year 12 students well as they prepare to undertake their VCE examinations over the next few weeks. Year 12 students have been issued with advice about how to manage their study over the coming weeks. Students should use their time revising and completing practice questions at home. If they need to contact a teacher, they can do that by phone or email. Some students may have extra revision classes.

VCAA written examinations commenced on Wednesday 30 October with English and English EAL and will conclude on Wednesday 20 November. All students completing an external exam have been provided with a VCE Exam Navigator Booklet that provides details of approved materials and equipment, examination rules, timetables and Special Provisions. The VCE timetable is also available from the VCAA website.

Year 12 students studying VET subjects and/or the VCAL course will also need to ensure all outcomes have been successfully completed.

Units 1 & 2

Please note that the Year 11 end-of-year examinations will be held from Friday 8 November to Friday 15 November.

All students must attend their scheduled exams in their full school summer uniform. There are no scheduled classes for Year 11 students during these exams, so students are expected at school only for their timetabled exams.

Year 10

All Year 10 students will sit examinations scheduled on Wednesday 13 November to Friday 15 November. There are no scheduled classes for Year 10 students during these exams, so students are expected at school only for their timetabled exams.

Years 9, 8, 7

All Years 7, 8 and 9 students will sit examinations scheduled on Monday 2 December to Wednesday 4 December.


During HeadStart, students will participate in lessons in each of their 2020 semester one subjects. Homework will be set to assist students to commence the new year with confidence and knowledge regarding the type of learning that occurs in each subject. Students can expect to be given homework that is designed to prepare them for school assessed coursework (SAC) tasks that occur very early in the course. Any student who knows that she will be absent from any of the HeadStart program must see her House Leader. Students are advised that absence may put their VCE studies at a disadvantage. Absentees will be required to undertake the work missed in addition to completing the holiday homework.

Year 12 2020

Year 12 students (2020) will undertake the HeadStart program from Monday 18 November to Tuesday 26 November. Year 12 Retreat will take place on Wednesday 27 November to Friday 29 November.

Year 11 2020

Year 11 students (2020) will undertake the HeadStart program from Monday 18 November to Thursday 28 November. On Thursday 28 November, an excursion has been organised to University and TAFE institutions.

Awards Evening

The Mount St. Joseph Girls' College Awards Night is an opportunity to recognise the many achievements of members of the College community throughout 2019. The Awards Night will be held on Thursday 5 December at 7.00pm.

The evening will recognise student academic achievement, student involvement and student encouragement.