To assist students undertaking a 3 / 4 Unit to achieve their potential, VCE trial Examinations are being held during the September break. All Year 12 students and Year 11 students studying a scored Unit 3/4 subject are expected to attend. Trial examinations give students the best opportunity to succeed in their final examinations. These examinations are compulsory and will be an opportunity to provide students with vital feedback on areas of strength and areas requiring improvement.

Students are required to be onsite for their trial examinations only. Students should be in attendance at least 30 minutes prior to their examination. The College Uniform is not required for Trial Exams. Rules and regulations for these examinations will be inline with VCAA requirements and this is outlined in the assembly that was held on 25 August and in the VCAA Navigator which was distributed to students in this assembly.

The supervisors are external supervisors employed by the College, and they will be the same supervisors that students will have at the end of the year. All trial examinations will be held in the Mary MacKillop Centre with the exception of Language exams. The trial examination timetable is below.

This year, Parents / Carers will be receiving a transcript of examination results to inform the progress of your child’s study program for end of year external examinations. These Transcripts will be available at the commencement of week 2 Term 4.

VCAL/ VM students & Unscored VCE Students

For VCAL/VM & Unscored VCE students, coursework completion is the primary focus and concern for these students over these next few weeks. This will allow for assessments to be finalised and submitted by the due dates to VCAA, to ensure that students qualify for their Certificate. VCAL/VM & Unscored VCE students are not required to be at school during the September holidays when VCE trial exams are taking place. These students will be receiving a passport to ensure that all of the required work is completed and that VCAA Outcomes can be satisfied. When the passport is signed off by Tahnee Hales - the VCE/VM Leader students will be permitted to finish attending formal classes at MSJ. For some students this will be from the last day of Term 3.

VTAC Applications

A reminder that on-time VTAC Applications are due the 28 September by 5.00pm. These applications require a $55 application fee. Any applications submitted after this date will attract a higher fee. Please visit the VTAC site for more information relating to applying:

Year 12 - Important Dates Term 4

Information about key dates was presented to students in tier assembly on 25 August. Key dates included:

Term 4:

  • Week 1-2: Normal scheduled classes

  • October 6 - SEAS/Scholarships CLOSE

  • Week 3: Graduation - Tuesday 17th October

  • Week 4: VCAA Exams begin - English Exam - Tuesday 24th October

  • Valedictory dinner - 16th November

Further information about these key dates will be provided to families closer to the dates.


Thank you to all parents who attended the parent teacher student conferences during week 8. These conferences are a great way of obtaining key information about your children and their academic progress in their classes. A reminder for families to continue to access CANVAS to obtain timely feedback about summative and formative assessment results.