2020 Learning and Teaching Focus

This year, teaching staff at the College are continuing to focus on enhancing pedagogy that makes learning visible. One strategy we will continue is the use of Learning Intentions and Success Criteria. Learning Intentions describe what learners should know, understand or be able to do by the end of a unit of work, a series of lessons or a lesson. Success Criteria are the measures used to determine whether and how well a learner has met the learning intentions. They are explicit so that students know where they are at in their learning and can articulate this. This increases students’ self-efficacy and active learning. When asking about the day or a particular subject, reframe your question, ‘What were some of the learning intentions of your lessons today?’


All families should now be familiar with our online learning management system, Canvas. Canvas provides the opportunity for both students and parents to engage with the classroom learning. This system is an ongoing learning and reporting portal that enables us to give immediate feedback to our students and their families with the aim of increasing students learning outcomes. As this feedback is given straight after a piece of work, activity, project or skill is assessed, the information we are able to give to students and their families is very comprehensive and timely.

Canvas provides an important opportunity for students, parents and teachers to work together to achieve successful learning outcomes for our students. This is an opportune time to log into Canvas and review any feedback that your daughter has received this term, as all subjects will have provided feedback by a rubric and a comment. This feedback provides students with actions and strategies to improve their learning.

Partnerships – Student/Parents/College

M SJ recognises and values the role that parents, and carers play in the education of their daughters and we aim to strengthen this partnership to enhance our student’s overall wellbeing and learning. This year there will be opportunities for parents and carers to be involved in conversations about the learning and teaching program at MSJ.

The Student Led Conference is the initial opportunity to enhance this partnership. It is an avenue for families to have discussions about the year ahead and reflect on the learnings of 2019. Asking the question ‘How can you improve, grow and flourish?’, will provide insights into our student’s self-perceptions, possible fixed mindsets or beliefs about themselves as learners. It will also allow you as the supporter of their development and growth, an opportunity to advise, guide and assist.

Congratulations to our 2019 Graduates

At the Academic Assembly on February 3 the College celebrated the excellent achievements of the 2019 VCE and VCAL graduates. We welcomed back our 2019 College Dux and other outstanding award winners who shared their MSJ school journey of courage, determination, engagement and commitment to pursuing excellence.

Students who achieved the Subject Dux awards and the Top 20 ATAR scores along with those who achieved 40 or more in individual study scores were recognised.

The College Assembly was a wonderful celebration of students’ success with family and friends in attendance. This was followed by lunch with all staff who have played an integral role in the lives of these young women.

Here a snapshot of the results:

2019 College Dux Olivia Vella and her family
2019 College Dux Olivia Vella and her family

Top achieving student
The 2019 College Dux achieved an ATAR of 98.35, Olivia Vella.

15% of students scored an ATAR over 90
36% of students scored an ATAR over 80

Median Study Score - 31

Mia Paladino received a perfect score of 50 in Outdoor and Environmental Studies.

10.35 % of students achieved a study score over 40 in one or more of their subjects.

In 2019 there were 60 Study Scores above 40 and 19 subjects with study scores over 40.

VCAL completion

Nineteen students successfully completed their VCAL Certificates.

A full list of award winners can be found HERE