I am often in awe of the incredible talent and creativity of our students. The VCE Folio exhibition that took place at the start of the term had on display excellent artistic work produced by our VCE Art, Visual Communication and Design, Product Design and Media students. These students have been mentored and supported in their work by a group of professional and passionate teachers and I thank them for all their great work with these students. Photos of some of the work can be viewed later in this newsletter.

As I look out my office window, I often see students working in teams practicing drama pieces, taking photos for digital technology, and completing Science and STEM experiments. It is pleasing to know that our approach to teaching and learning provides students with many opportunities to collaborate, problem solve and strategise.

On Tuesday 17 October, we had a wonderful day celebrating with our Year 12 students. The day commenced with a lovely breakfast served by their House Leaders followed by a fun assembly where the students and staff shared stories about their time at MSJ. After hearing about all the antics and fun that took place, I am a little concerned about how much learning took place! It was nice to hear how connected and grateful they were for what MSJ had to offer. The morning was completed with a run through the corridors to say goodbye and a very competitive colour run. That evening, we gathered for a beautiful graduation Mass and Ceremony where we acknowledged their contribution to MSJ and to wish them well for the future. They will be missed, and I wish them all the very best for the future and I encourage each of them to continue to live their lives with virtue and courage.

As our students commence exams and assessments, I encourage students to have faith in the work that they have done leading up to these assessments, to have a plan of study and reach out to their teachers for support. Assessments are designed to provide students with an opportunity to show their knowledge, skills and understandings of a particular area of learning, and to provide them with feedback to be able to set future learning goals.

In light of the conflicts in Palestine, Israel and Ukraine, I would like to share the following prayer. This prayer is also applicable to all people in places where there is the conflict, so please feel free to pray it with all those in mind who are suffering from violence and oppression.

Bring Justice and Peace

God of all creation, bring justice and peace to our world.

Teach us to be peacemakers. Guide us in our pursuit of

justice and the common good. Inspire us to welcome all, forgive

all, and love all. Direct us as we walk in the shadow of Jesus: the

Way, the Truth, and the Life. Inspire us to perceive the world

through your eyes, that we might find hope and joy each day,

supportive of each other, for the sake of your Kingdom.


- Author Unknown

Kate Dishon - Principal