It has been absolutely delightful to have all our students back at school. I am incredibly proud of how enthusiastically they have returned and have embraced being back in the classroom and reconnecting with friends. We have spent time assessing where students are at academically, socially and emotionally and have put appropriate strategies in place to support them. They have shown great maturity in the way that they have followed our COVID Protocols and are well aware of the need for us all to do the right thing and keep safe.

We were so excited to be able to provide an opportunity for our Year 12 students to celebrate their final year at MSJ. Among other activities, one of the highlights was them re-fashioning their school uniform. I must say, they clearly have different ideas to me on what a school uniform should look like! Their designs were so clever, inventive and creative. It was so much fun for the rest of the school to witness the fashion parade.

Last Friday they came to school for breakfast dressed in a range of costumes and spent the morning reminiscing and spending time together. As is a tradition, one of the Wellbeing Leaders addresses the students as part of their farewell. This year, the address was presented by Clare Kubacki and it was a wonderful acknowledgement of the girls’ contribution to our community. Clare’s address can be found later in this newsletter. At the end of the day, each of our Year 12 students were sent home with a gift pack that included their Graduation Certificate and a Graduation cake that they could share with their family as they watched the Graduation Ceremony that night. We wish all our Year 12 students who commence exams next week all the very best. We will officially farewell the Class of 2020 in our final newsletter.

I would like to congratulate Libby McIntyre and Vivian Wei who have been appointed as the 2021 College Captains. Libby and Vivian, along with the WWAAM Team and the rest of the Student Leadership Team, are to be commended for committing themselves to leading the students next year. All the best and congratulations to all our new College Leaders.

While students were working from home, great progress has been made on this year’s building project and we are hopeful that the renovated classrooms will be completed by the beginning of next year. Completion of the new College Cafeteria should be completed before the end of Term 1. We will also commence landscaping the quadrangle area in the centre of the College in order to provide some much-needed recreational spaces.

Please note that the 2020 student Awards Night will be postponed until the beginning of 2021 in the hope that we will be able to present them with parents and others in attendance.

Kate Dishon