I extend my heartfelt thoughts and prayers to our families that have been adversely affected by COVID-19 and in particular to those of you who have contracted the virus or are caring for a family member who has. I am also aware it is a difficult time for families who have loved ones in aged care facilities. We also keep in our prayers the people of Beirut and members of the Australian Lebanese community who have been severely affected by the recent explosion.

One of the things that I have loved about being a part of the MSJ community has been the incredible support and care that we have for each other. This has been so evident over the last few months. Students have reached out to each other, have alerted us to situations where they feel that adult support is needed and have been so resilient in dealing with the challenges of remote learning. The staff have been amazing in finding creative and innovative ways to engage and provide students with genuine and relevant learning experiences while also being aware of their wellbeing needs. Parents have been so understanding and responsive to the needs of their daughter/s and have been incredibly supportive of the teachers and staff. I thank you all for working so well together as we continue to make the most of the situation that we are facing.

We are constantly monitoring and following the advice from the Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority, in particular any updates in regard to VCE and VCAL. Any updates and changes will be communicated directly to students and parents.

As we were sent back into remote learning just before JJAMM Week and Feast Day, there was a mad scramble by our Faith Team to find creative ways for us to honour Mary MacKillop’s feast day and to provide some fun activities for our school community to participate in. They did an amazing job and a full report on the many activities that took place can be found further in the newsletter.

I would like to congratulate the Student Leadership Team who continue to do an amazing job in keeping the students connected via the MSJ Connect website. I would encourage every student to find some time to visit the website and explore the many different activities that will support their health and wellbeing.

Last week was the Feast of the Assumption. On this Feast of the Assumption of Mary, we gather to give thanks and praise for her grace-filled and blessed life as we celebrate her crowning glory in her assumption into heaven. Mary is a woman who is one of our own - human in every way; a woman who, through her openness and trust in God, enabled God’s will to be fulfilled in the most extraordinary way. Mary is more than a model of what is possible in relationship with God, she is our hope and our promise of what God can do in our own lives if we but trust and believe.

Once again, if you are experiencing financial hardship during this time, please email feerelief@msj.vic.edu.au or phone Danny O’Malley, the College Business Manager, directly on 8398 2013.

Kate Dishon - Principal