What an amazing start to 2023! MSJ has been a hive of activity over the last six weeks and I have been so proud of how the students and staff have embraced all the wonderful learning, faith and wellbeing activities that have taken place. We continue to provide many rich experiences across all year levels. It has been particularly nice to welcome all our new students and staff to the College and I hope that their time with us is a joyful one.

Our theme for the year, Our Joy is in our belonging, is so appropriate after a number of years of challenges with Covid and lockdowns. It is so important that we all feel we belong and it is just as important that we ensure that we make others also feel that they belong. Our words and actions need to be such that we contribute to the joy of all of us belonging at MSJ and not be responsible for diminishing someone else’s sense of joy or belonging.

MSJ is an amazing and diverse community and this diversity is what makes this school so joyful. I ask all of us to look out for each other and care for each other and I challenge us all to find joy in every day. We all belong here at MSJ. I hope and pray that this year we take joy in all that we do and that we feel a sense of belonging and acceptance at MSJ.

Mary MacKillop took great joy from her faith and her love for God. She knew that God loved her and that gave her great joy and strength. We too can take great joy in knowing that God loves us. So, in the words of Mary MacKillop, "Let us be joyful and thank God".

It was delightful for us to welcome back on 14 February a number of our 2022 VCE/VCAL high achieving students for an awards ceremony to acknowledge their accomplishments. These students, through hard work, persistence and dedication, have achieved great success.

We are incredibly proud of our VCE Dux, Tanvi Arora, who received an ATAR of 98.95 and our VCAL Dux Lauren Agosta. We are also very impressed with Zoe Nasser, a Year 11 student, who received a perfect Study Score of 50 for Psychology.

So far this term, we have conducted the House Swimming and Athletics Carnivals. I have been so impressed with the level of participation at both events and the commitment that the students have in supporting their respective houses. Congratulations to Kincumber who won the Swimming Carnival and McCormack who were victorious at the Athletics Carnival.

On 10 March, we once again hosted a fantastic International Women’s Day Breakfast. My sincere thanks to our guest speakers, Donna Johnson and Trudi Camilleri (pictured above), both former MSJ students, who captivated our audience with their passionate and inspiring speeches.

During the first three days of the week of 20 March, we will be running alternative activities for all year levels. The planned activities are designed to support the College’s learning, faith, and wellbeing programs. All students are required to attend and participate in all the events organised for their year level. Information about these activities has been communicated to parents via email and we ask that you ensure that you check PAM and approve your child’s attendance at any planned excursions.

Kate Dishon - Principal