There is no doubt that this has been an incredibly unusual and challenging school year. I am so incredibly proud and grateful for the way that the students and staff adapted and ensured that there were many rich learning opportunities throughout the year. We all showed great resilience, fortitude and compassion as we worked together to make the most of the year and the challenges that were presented to us.

I am very grateful to the 2020 Student Leadership Team for their development of the MSJ Connect Website. A website for the students, by the students. These young women certainly saw a need and did something about it! They developed a website that provided MSJ students with resources to support their health and wellbeing, along with great advice, activities and competitions to support them while they were learning remotely.

I would like to commend the Year 12 Class of 2020 for all that they have done throughout their years at the College. They have been a group of students who have given so much and involved themselves in all aspects of College life. They are wonderful young women and I and the MSJ community wish them all the best for the future and encourage them to continue to lead their life with virtue and courage. Good luck girls and God bless.

Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions, we have been unable to hold our annual Awards Night. There is, however, much to acknowledge and celebrate and therefore we have postponed this event until Wednesday 10 February in the hope that we can gather to acknowledge the achievements of our students.

On Wednesday 9 December, parents are able to access their daughter’s end of year report via PAM. Please take the time to read the report with your daughter and discuss goals that they may wish to set for next year. Extensive feedback in regard to students is available all throughout the year via Canvas and I urge you to continue to follow your daughter’s progress via this learning management system.

The following are important dates for the start of 2021:

Monday 18 January – College Office Opens

Wednesday 27 January – Teachers Return

Monday 1 February – Year 7 Students Commence

Tuesday 2 February – Years 8–12 Students Commence

There are two staff who are moving on to new positions in 2021 – Fady Milik, who is taking up a teaching position in Queensland, and Molly Coyne, who is commencing a leadership position at Caroline Chisholm Catholic College. I thank them both for the contribution they have made to MSJ and wish them all the best for the future. I also wish Jacqueline Dutschke all the best as she commences maternity leave.

Terese Corbett, who has taught at MSJ for 31 years, has decided to turn off her calculator and retire. Ann Fichera, a past student who commenced teaching here at MSJ, has also decided to retire. Both Terese and Ann have made an incredible contribution to MSJ over their many years here and we wish them both every happiness as they commence this new chapter of their lives.

I would like to thank and acknowledge the support of our wonderful families – you have helped us navigate this unusual year and have ensured that in partnership we have been able to support the students in their learning, well-being and faith. I thank you for being so understanding throughout the year.

To all members of our community I wish you a very Holy Christmas.

May the spirit of Christmas bring you peace,

The gladness of Christmas give you hope,

The warmth of Christmas give you love.

May you all have a very holy and peaceful Christmas.

Kate Dishon - Principal