The doors are closed but faith is not lost

As you would be aware, Churches across Australia have shut their doors to the public for the protection and safety of the community at this difficult time. That has left many people wondering about how they can connect with their faith communities without being physically present in the Church.

We are the Church. More than ever today, we need to be reminded that even though our Church doors are closed and we cannot access the Eucharist in a physical sense, that does not mean our Church is closed or our faith is lost.

In his ministry, Christ affirmed that we are the Church and that, as the Church, we are the body of Christ on earth. The Church is not confined to a building where we gather, it is us, his people, living out our faith with the people around us.

In this time of crisis, how are you acting as the body of Christ? Have you reached out to your elderly neighbour for support? Have you face-timed your family members or friends who live alone? Have you supported the whole community by staying at home as much as possible?

Let us take this time out from the real world to stop, listen and reflect. Let the spirit speak to you. Take time to talk with one another, take time to listen.

The Church across the world is responding to the spiritual needs of their community through online resourcing and live streaming. Here are some avenues available to you and your family to continue your prayer life at home:

  1. Melbourne's St Patrick’s Cathedral has set up a live stream for Mass daily. You can access it here:
  2. Pope Francis is also live steaming his previously private Masses and audiences. You can access this through the Vatican News youtube channel.
    1. Australian Jesuits daily prayer
    1. The Irish Bishops have released a range of prayers and prayer resources for praying at home when Mass is not possible.

Many other parishes, priests and Cathedrals around the world are live streaming Masses. What an opportunity to experience the wider Church!

I leave you now with some words from Mary MacKillop.

“Do all you can to assist and love one another.” (28.1.1890)

Let us come together as one human family strong in faith and love.

God Bless.

Danielle Fairthorne - Director of Catholic Identity